The basics.

Located in King County in the Eastside region, with a population 141,400 residents, Bellevue offers a more relaxed pace than nearby Seattle, while still providing the perks and convenience of a city.  Nestled right on the shore of Lake Washington, Bellevue may technically be considered a suburb, but it has the culture and thriving economy to stand on its own. 

Business opportunity.

Bellevue is up and coming. Since 2008, downtown Bellevue has undergone rapid growth and is now the second largest urban center in Washington with 1300 businesses, 45,000 employees and 10,200 residents in the downtown area alone. This is one of many reasons why CNN Money ranked Bellevue as the #1 location out of 100 US cities to live and start a business. With the construction of new bridges and public transportation, increased accessibility to Seattle has led Bellevue to become the 6th wealthiest community in all of Washington. If you’re looking to start a business, Bellevue is not only fertile ground to plant and grow a business, but also a wonderful place to live.

Raising children.

Your kids’ futures are important. The Bellevue School District is home to 28 schools including 15 elementary schools and 4 public high schools. In 2013, Newsweek listed Bellevue as having some of “America’s Best Schools.” Bellevue is also home to over 2,500 acres of parks and public spaces, including playgrounds, beach parks, and trails, ensuring your children plenty of room beyond their quiet, safe neighborhood to roam and play.

Quality of life.

Bellevue just keeps getting better. ranked Bellevue as the 6th best place to live in 2010 and it has since moved up to the #2 spot. The city is situated between both Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish which just may have contributed to its name meaning literally “Beautiful View.” So if you enjoy beautiful sunsets, quiet residential areas with close accessibility to city convenience, and plenty of recreational spaces, you may want to give Bellevue a closer look.

Tell me about the homes.

On the lower end, Condos and Townhomes come in with a median listing price of approximately $125,000, whereas single-family homes can reach as high as $16.5 million. This is where we come in.At Judah Realty, our job is to get to know you – with all of your dreams and goals for the future – so that we can guide you to both the right community and the perfect home.

The Eastside Seattle Region is our home, let us show you around.

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