The basics.

Located in King County, Kirkland is home to 87,000 residents and is the 12th largest city in Washington and 6th in the county. All of the communities within the Eastside region share in the iconic Pacific Northwest beauty and Kirkland is no exception. Kirkland is a community with the perfect variety of things to do, and serene scenery along Lake Washington.

Business opportunity.

A mere 20 minutes from Downtown Seattle, residents choose Kirkland for easy access to the booming economic hub of Washington via state Highway 520 and Interstate 405. Kirkland itself is also estimated to have a job growth of about 40 percent in the coming few years.

Raising children.

Kirkland is part of the Washington School District which includes a large number of top rated schools located in the Cascade Mountain valley. Kirkland is also the home of the acclaimed Northwest University. With a quiet suburban feel and plenty of outdoor areas along Lake Washington for recreation, Kirkland is a highly popular area in the Eastside region for families looking to plant their roots in a community that has it all.

Quality of life.

Kirkland is home to a unique downtown area, with the only downtown frontage along the Lake Washington shoreline. Residents can enjoy plenty of restaurants, shops, art galleries, and various outdoor activities right on the water. With a growing economy and access to all of the conveniences and culture that you could ever need, Kirkland is an easy choice for families looking for a balance with quiet residential homes and a lively downtown.

Tell me about the homes.

Kirkland is an ideal community for families of all sizes with a variety of homes in varying styles and sizes. Kirkland’s median price for condos and townhomes is approximately $139,000. On the upper end, single family homes can be around $950,000 and reach over $8.6 million. There is something for everyone in Kirkland, whether you’re looking for a starter home or to move up to luxurious estate. This is where we come in. At Judah Realty, our job is to get to know your personal goals and guide you both the right community and the perfect home.

The Eastside Seattle Region is our home, let us show you around.

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